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Justin Rice

Justin Rice is a health, performance, & mindset coach, athlete, 1X TransAmerica Cyclist, & Actor. He is the founder of Just Integrity & Just Integrity Academy. His passion is to help you all live an optimized life through the potential within, nutrition, & exercise.

Justin works with individuals from all around the globe, both remotely and in-person. He writes training and nutrition plans, performs phone and Skype consultations, and can assist you with finding freedom in the mind, attracting new experiences, nutrition, supplementation, fat loss, muscle building, performance, sleep, gut, sexual optimization and much more.


To live a life that you desire, it's important to have a strong healthy body. Optimizing nutrition, sleep, supplementation, & exercise will allow you to live a fulfilled life.


Your beliefs & thoughts create your reality. Our inner reality creates our outer reality. If we change our perspective & subconscious mind we will attract a new life. Are you struggling to create the body you want, the health, or the wealth you want? You may be allowing your mind to limit your experiences.


"Be still & know". There is power & wisdom in being still. Awareness allows for us to become more conscious of our thoughts & action so that we can consciously create a future we desire. Meditation helps us to become more of our true self.

"55 lbs and counting and living a more balanced will always be a part of guiding me to this amazing place in my life" Prior Client

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His mission is to help Millions of People to create the life that they dream of holistically through mindset techniques, meditation, physical fitness, & nutrition.