August 15

Life Quotes That Will Change Your Life


Have you ever read a quote or heard someone say a quote that instantly changed your life? You just feel it? It opens you up to a new awareness of life, revealing a new depth of life. There have been numerous quotes that have come up in my own life at the exact time it was needed to help me get through a challenge or create a new desired outcome

In these unique times, I hope that these quotes help you find new levels of energy, freedom, & love in your life. Read the depth of each quote. Breathe as you read them. Absorb the depth of each & allow yourself to feel liberated.

“Who would you be & what becomes available in the absence of all your concerns?”-Peter Crone

Really take the time to sit with this. Read it over again a few times. If you dropped all of your concerns who would you truly be. How would you talk? How would you walk? What would you do? Who would you be? Freedom atlast

“Life has Zero problems in it. Zero. Every problem anyone has is based on our perception of life”-Peter Crone

Where are you allowing your perceptions to distort the true loving nature of life? Are the perceived “problems” that you’re experiencing truly as big as they are or are we allowing our perceptions to deceive us from the beauty of life?

“Resistance to what is, is the precursor to suffering.What happened, happened and couldn’t have happened any other way because it didn’t”-Peter Crone

Are you here in the now? Or are you constantly thinking about the past? Be here now

“Life will present you with people and circumstances to reveal where you are not free.”-Peter Crone

Are you feeling triggered by a certain person in your life? Are you in a perceived challenging situation? Great!!! This is a time to explore where you are not free in your life. Life is a mirror of who we are being & the energy that we are emanating. Challenging situations, People who get under your skin, etc are great opportunities to explore where we are not free in our own consciousness

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but are spiritual beings having a human experience”- Pierre Teihard

We are not our thoughts. We are not our bodies. Our true Self, is the eternal spirit within & all around us. This is a truly liberating truth

“The quantum field is an invisible field of energy and information that exists beyond space & time. Nothing physical or material exists there. It’s beyond anything you can perceive with your senses. This unified field of energy and information is what governs all laws of nature” – Dr. Joe Dispenza

Separation is an illusion. When we live in a state of stress, anxiety, fear, & in the Ego we believe we are separated from our dreams. We believe we are alone. The truth is that we are all connected by an invisible field of energy of loving energy.

“How you think, how you act, & how you feel is called your personality & your personal reality. When you change your personality, you change your personal reality” – Dr. Joe Dispenza

If you want to change your life in some area, we must change our thoughts, emotions, & actions to create a new reality. How do we do this to create lasting change? By changing the unconscious/subconscious mind through meditation & becoming conscious of our unconscious behavior

Thank you for taking the time to read these quotes & for believing in your own limitless life!

Yours Truly,

Justin Rice


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