Before Justin Rice became a transformation coach,

published international model & actor across the globe, he had his fair share of obstacles to overcome.

From being raised by a hard working single mother who worked 3 jobs to put food on the table, to then suffering & overcoming his beloved mother's early death when he was 20 years old, Justin’s Journey is an example of how anybody can overcome the obstacles of their life & create their dream life.

Justin thrived in the academia realm, having the privilege to spend his Junior year of High School summer on Princeton University’s campus in an Ivy League/University preparatory program.

As a multi-sport athlete growing up, Justin found a love for Exercise Physiology, Nutrition, & Medicine

and in doing so he enrolled at Rutgers University majoring in Exercise Science & Sports Studies with a Nutritional Science minor.

During his studies, he went on to work for a research lab studying the effects of Cardiovascular Training on Psychology, helped train NFL athletes at a well-known training facility, & interned as an Athletic Trainer for Rutgers BIG10 Football team.

After his mother’s death his Junior year of college he was inspired to go after Acting & Modeling, as he always says “Your Mind Creates Your Reality” & in with that said he went on to get published in Essence Magazine as one of the “Top Models To Watch Out For” & Tatler Magazine.

Fast forward a few years, and Justin went on to be a personal trainer & is now a transformation coach helping others transform both their mindset & their physical health to create the life that they want with the tools & gifts that he has been blessed to learn.

He is a lifestyle entrepreneur & high performance mindset coach while pursuing a career in the acting industry.

He hosts his podcast, The Justin Rice Podcast & has Founded Just Integrity Academy & Just Integrity.

His mission is to help Millions of People to create the life that they dream of holistically through mindset techniques, meditation, physical fitness, & nutrition.